Available courses

ASI ATV Safety Course - Adult

This course is the best place for adults and teens to start on their path to understanding all-terrain vehicles and safe riding strategies. If you are enrolled in a state-specific course, state law and regulatory information will be displayed during the course. In order to receive a state certificate (where applicable based on the state indicated during registration), successfully complete this course and submit the required fee. The course is free, but there is a $25 fee to receive the State Certificate.

ASI Coach Course

This course is designed for parents and caregivers supervising younger ATV riders. The adult and youth should take the course together for best results. The course is free.

ASI ATV Safety Course - Child

To Parents and Supervisors:
The Child course is generally intended for youth ages 6-11 years. This course is activity based and does not include state specific information needed to complete the state certification quiz. To receive a state certificate please review the Teen (or Adult) course and practice quiz and then complete the State Certification Quiz with your child.